The Male Orgasm and its Features. How is it Different from Women’s Orgasm.

Orgasm is predominantly passionate sense, which concludes the sexual act or form of sexual activity, which it replaces. The nature of the processes it is the result of a complex interaction of structures located in the pelvic, dorsal, diencephalon and velvet levels.

Orgasm is not as simple as it seems

The process of sexual arousal in women is through the clitoris, vagina, and uterus, but in men, it involves the penis, the prostate, and seminal vesicles.
The process of male orgasm can be divided into several stages.
1. Stage of excitement: blood flow, an erection, increased heart rate, elevated and the increase in a size of the testicles, agitation nipples.
2. Plateau phase further increase in penis size and testicles fully testicular.
3. The phase of orgasm: sperm and accompanying fluids are released from the vessel deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate gland, accumulating at the base of the urethra near the prostate.
Further, there is a tonic spasm of the muscles, increased blood pressure and respiratory rate, a tight closure of the sphincter of the bladder. The man feels some blurred consciousness.
4. Phase resolution.

What types of orgasm are for men?

Different men feel the body in completely different ways.
About 20% of men experience moderate orgasms. While they have a slightly pulsing manhood, and the seed flows out drop by drop. 45% of men by reaching the final, tense the whole body, convulsions cover one or both feet, mouth, hands or other body parts.
So, is the orgasm the vast majority of the representatives of the stronger sex?
About 17% of men finish so much that they are cramping leg muscles. In addition, they may experience muscle spasms throughout the body and grimaces of the face.
5% just go crazy. After reaching orgasm they are literally hysterical starting to talk and laugh.
In addition, there are men experiencing orgasm is so strong that at the moment of reaching the highest pleasure they were experiencing severe tremors and cramps, they have changed the color of the face, and after the finish is completely weakening.

Spontaneous or planned sex?

Scientists have long proved that spontaneous sex is much more useful and effective for men. It was during this sex men manifest the animal instincts. Sometimes a spontaneous impulse to jump into the pool with his head, while a furious passion, can lead to the strongest orgasm. So, maybe sometimes you shouldn’t plan to have sex in the evening, but simply to follow your passion and then your man can feel an unforgettable orgasm.
Orgasm without ejaculation and multiple orgasms – not a myth, and pathology
There are two main differences between male and female orgasm: first male orgasm, when he ejaculates, i.e., emits semen; the second – after ejaculation, they need rest to recover, while the woman continued sexual intercourse, can get repeated orgasms.
However men, like women, can experience multiple orgasms, but men – it is the pathology and the reason to go to the doctor.
Anyway, orgasm is a major part of sexual intercourse. The quality and frequency affect not only physical health but also on his emotional health.