Main questions: when and why you need to go to the sexologist?

Sex is a very delicate science, and to understand when professional help is needed, and when you can do your own diligence and careful attention to each other, uneasy.
The situation is complicated by the fact that sexual problems are not a heart attack, life is not threatened. So, most people willingly postpones visiting a sex therapist for later. But in vain! Sexual disorders, as with any health problem better treated in the initial stages.

The reason for going to a sexologist have such moments:

– Slightly pronounced erection that sexual intercourse becomes impossible;
Premature ejaculation(prior to or just after insertion of the penis into the vagina);
– The absence of ejaculation, despite the greater duration of sexual acts;
The lack of orgasm.
Disorders of erection which may lie in the difficulties of achieving it before intercourse, the weakening of erection during the sexual intercourse a stable erection, which complicates the implementation of full sexual intercourse.

Disorders of ejaculation.

They are manifested in its acceleration (premature ejaculation), distress (problems with ejaculation) and its absence. The latter option may occur in the complete absence of ejaculation, and retrograde ejaculation, when the sperm is thrown into the bladder (as a result of a number of diseases, taking certain medicines). Causes of premature ejaculation most likely to be in oversensitive head of the penis, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs (prostatitis, vesiculitis), paracentral lobules syndrome, other neurologic and psychogenic factors, and the privation of sexual experience and lack of regular sexual life.

Violation of the libidinal component can also occur in the form of its reduction or complete absence of, and in its excessive strengthening.

A sex therapist is not only a good psychologist but first, he is a foremost specialist in the field any sexual problems. Sexology covers a wide range of disciplines: from medicine to psychology. It examines the development of sexuality and helps to establish the causes of sexual problems.

Occasionally it seems that the apparent reason to go to the doctor there. Nothing hurts, does not pull, not whining. But its intimate life, you are still dissatisfied. Not satisfied with the partner, feel the pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse cannot pick up optimal posture. It would seem why I need a doctor? And despite the fact, that he will help to get to the root of the discontent. The fact, that sexologists have a certificate therapist. And in 70 percent of cases, they have the techniques, the patients solve their sexual problems, sorry, not taking off his pants.

Pain during sexual intercourse and for the emergence of which there are no physical prerequisites – a good reason to go to the doctor. It happens that the pain appears before sexual intercourse before any physical contact. After sex, all the discomfort can completely pass, but that is no excuse for them to forget. Very frequently the cause of this pain is psychological and can be caused by, for example, hostility to the partner. But it can hide inflammation that requires serious treatment. Therefore, do not suffer, the faster you contact a specialist, the shorter and cheaper will be your treatment.