How to Improve the Erection at Home. Products for Male Potency.

Everything we eat affects our vital functions and performance. The food contains useful trace elements and minerals that can positively affect improve potency. More than a man’s strength is influenced by vitamin A, and vitamin E. These groups of trace elements can enhance the transmission of nerve impulses and thus to increase the potency.
The most common cause of lack of regular sex and family life becomes a power imbalance in the relationship between the partners. In this case, it is important to first find time to talk about formed relations and the difficulties in them, and when understanding is reached, you can start a conversation about different ways to increase the potency. Right, will start with the review mode and feed composition men.

The best products for men’s health

To positively affect gain potency, the diet of men should be more meat and fish. Among the different varieties of fish choose rich in amino acids flounder or mackerel. We all know that normal food should not be fried, it is better to cook boiled or fried food. With this method of cooking, all the beneficial properties of fish are preserved particularly well. A garnish of vegetables, not only useful but also enhance sexual function due to the minerals that are in them. More all to increase potency have onions, mushrooms or turnip — less popular product, but the unique content of minerals that have a positive impact on increasing potency. To make the lunch or dinner is not only healthy but tasty, correctly pick up the herbs and spices. Among condiments particularly effective for increasing the potency of anise, caraway, tarragon, thyme, and mint.

There is one truly magical tool — this is a common dandelion. Using it in cooking can significantly increase the potency. Dandelion should be used only those that were grown in ecologically clean areas. The city, as everyone knows, this is not the place where it is customary to collect the useful herbs. Add to the salad three or four dandelion leaves — is no longer worth it because of its specific bitter taste — the dish will be useful for potency.
To increase potency, there are more exotic dishes — the stomach of the camel. If you are lucky and you will be able to buy it, then before intercourse eats his tiny piece the size of a pea, and the effect will not keep itself waiting long.

Traditionally very good for a strengthening of sexual function in men seafood. Whenever possible, to increase potency in the diet include seafood, mussels, shrimp, crawfish and other seafood.

It should be noted that the increase in potency is possible only with a balanced diet. That is why we are advised to eat dairy products — yogurt, cheese and sour cream. The yogurt, despite the pleasant taste and a large variety of types on sale, contains almost no nutrients, because it is subjected to heat treatment, in which process it loses useful properties.

We have considered the basic products that can affect male potency. But we should not avoid visiting a doctor if failures in bed are becoming more frequent. This expert will help you understand the causes of the disease and write you a prescription for the purchase of relevant drugs, among which can be popular and effective Viagra. The main thing is not to give up and to remember that erectile dysfunction is not a death sentence, but only a disease which can be treatable.